At 321 Headshots we capture high quality headshots and portraits that will leave a lasting impression at auditions, interviews, and on your social networks and other platforms of your choice.

Our boutique studio is conveniently nestled in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile neighborhood in the Wilshire District where it is available by appointment only.

Capturing a quality headshot is not just about taking photos of your head. It’s about getting images that speak to who you are and what you do!

We’ll just make you look your best while you do it.

Studio Shoots

Our Studio Headshots are a great way to get professional headshots done quickly and easily in the Miracle Mile area.

We offer a wide range of packages, from 45-minute mini shoots, to 8-hour full day shoots, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Location Shoots

Location shoots generally allow for more creative freedom.

They are more time-consuming and require more planning than other types of shoots, but they give the images a sense of authenticity and realism that cannot always be replicated in the studio.

Group Shoots

Group shoots are a great way to capture the essence of your family, corporation or any other group you need to be photographed like sports teams and movie casts.

Group shoots are currently limited to Location Shoots only.

Image Retouching

With our Image Retouching service, just upload your photo, choose your favorite retouching package, and voilà! Smooth skin and a radiant complexion are on the way in high resolution.



Meet your Lead Photographer: Dumisani Maraire Jr.

Meet your Lead Photographer: Dumisani Maraire Jr.

“My name is Dumisani Maraire Jr., I'm a creator and developer of art, and I would like to be your next Headshot & Portrait Photographer.” You’ve probably never heard of me, and that’s ok. Some people call me a ‘Celebrity Photographer’. But it’s not because I’m...

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Group Photo Shoots

Group Photo Shoots

GREAT FOR FAMILIES AND CORPORATIONS. Group photoshoots let you and your colleagues, family or friends pose together for one set photo shoot, or for separate individual mini-shoots. Depending on the size of your group we can adjust accordingly to accommodate your needs...

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We take pride in having hundreds of satisfied clients who have felt confident enough to book their next photoshoot with us. We make sure that our clients are not only satisfied, but also look their absolute best.

We offer the best prices and the best service to our clients. All photoshoots include unlimited online consultations and phone consultations by appointment.

Whether you’re going for a sleek and professional look or something more colorful and edgy - we’ve got you covered.


Only $299

  • 1 Look
  • 2 Airbrush Retouches
  • 45-minutes
  • 1 Backdrop Selection
  • Mini shoots are perfect for when you just need one solid headshot for LinkedIn, Facebook, or for your company website.


Only $499

  •  2 Looks
  • 4 Airbrush Retouches
  • 2 Hours
  • 1 Backdrop Selection
  • Our Silver shoot is perfect if you’re not in an extreme rush and would appreciate the luxury of 2 hours to explore different outfits and poses.


Only $699

  • 3 Looks
  • 6 Airbrush Retouches
  • 6 Hours
  • 2 Backdrop Selections
  • Gold shoots are our most popular photoshoots and they are perfect for serious actors, models or other professionals.


Only $899

  • 4 Looks
  • 10 Airbrush Retouches
  • 6 Hours
  • 3 Backdrop Selections
  • This Platinum shoot is perfect for those who want to have a lot of time to experiment with different makeup, outfits, lighting and backdrops.

full day

Only $1,199

  • Unlimited looks
  • 12 Airbrush Retouches
  • 8 Hours
  • 3 Backdrop Selections
  • Full day photoshoots are a great opportunity to maximize your investment while working with a professional photographer.


Only $189/model

  • 1 Look/Model
  • 2 Airbrush Retouches/Model
  • 45-minute shooting time per model
  • 3 Model Minimum
  • Group photoshoots are currently restricted to location shoots only.

All of our photo shoot packages include 48-hour expert touch up on all digital proofs including color correction, light balancing, saturation, tone, noise reduction and other light image enhancements.


Add-on pricing is only valid with the purchase of a photoshoot package above.

Airbrush Retouch Starter Pack

Your professional headshot, perfected. As low as $29/picture

Services include airbrushing, background removal, frequency separation, skin smoothening, eye and teeth whitening and sharpening, blemish removal, body shaping, add or remove or replace anything in your image, color restoring and enhancing.

As low as just $29.99/picture with the purchase of 10 image retouches or more.

48-hour turnaround for every 5 retouches ordered.

Airbrush Retouch boost Pack

Just $9.99/picture with purchase of 10 airbrush retouches or more

Utilizes the same photographic enhancement techniques as the Airbrush Retouch Starter Pack.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and professional look or something edgier – we’ve got it all covered.

48-hour turnaround for every 5 retouches ordered.

Location Photoshoot

Simply one flat location fee of $499/shoot within 15 miles of 90036 zip code.

We come to you!

No matter your chosen location, our battery operated LED lighting, strobe flashes and reflectors will bring the studio to wherever you are, in or outdoors.

Please contact us for rates outside of a 15 mile radius of the 90036 zip code.

24-hour turnaround

For only $199, we’ll expedite your service!

Perfect for Models who need their photos quickly!

Our normal turnaround for delivery of digital proofs is 48 hours after your photoshoot.

If you need quicker results, then this is the Add-On for you.

make-up artist

professional make-up artist add-on for $99/hour

Two hour minimum.

Hair Stylist

Professional Hair Stylist Add-on for $99/hour

Two hour minimum.

Behind the scenes 4k video

Professional dedicated videographer add-on for $99/hour

Two hour minimum.


Is it safe to do a photo shoot during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Is it safe to do a photo shoot during the Covid-19 pandemic?

It's difficult to tell what the long term effects of the pandemic will be. However, it is safe to do photo shoots during this pandemic for now. As a professional photography company, we have embraced the need to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing,...

How long in advance should I book my photoshoot?

How long in advance should I book my photoshoot?

ALL OF OUR PHOTO SHOOTS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. With that said, the more time we have to prepare for your photo shoot, the better we can serve you. We normally recommend booking between 2-4 weeks before your preferred date to ensure that the date is available.

How many people are in your production crew?

How many people are in your production crew?

TO ACHIEVE THE PROFESSIONAL RESULTS THAT OUR CLIENTS LOVE US FOR, SOMETIMES IT TAKES A TEAM. Thankfully, at 321headshots we always try to keep that team limited to 3 people total per photo shoot, which is well within the CDC’s & other health officials’ maximum...

Are hair, make-up and styling artists included?

Are hair, make-up and styling artists included?

OUR RATES INCLUDE OUR PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES ONLY AND HAIR, MAKE-UP OR STYLING ARTISTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR RATES.  We’ve met many amazing hair, make-up and style experts along the way and would be happy to recommend some to you if you need help finding one. Indeed,...

What do I need to book a photo shoot?

What do I need to book a photo shoot?

THE FIRST THING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IS TO check our availability using our online booking services OR GIVING US A CALL AT 310-428-1476.  If your dates are available, we then have to send you our service agreement which will outline all of our terms of service.  ...

Do you ever do photoshoots outside of Los Angeles?

Do you ever do photoshoots outside of Los Angeles?

YES WE DO!  However, this is on a case by case basis, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Our rates only include travel within a 15-mile radius of the 90025 zip code so any transportation needs outside of this mileage may carry extra transportation, accommodation...


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