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If you are looking to take better headshots and make more money in the headshot photography market, this tutorial is for you. Peter Hurley is arguably the best headshot photographer in the world and has spent the last 20 years taking photos of thousands of people.

In this tutorial you will learn not only how to reproduce Peter’s signature lighting setup but you will also learn the most important skill any photographer can have: directing people in front of your camera. Peter has dozens of tips to help make average, every day people look their absolute best simply by precisely positioning their face and body and eliciting a real human emotion. Making people feel comfortable and confident in front of your camera is one of the hardest skill sets to have, and Peter has perfecting this technique.

If you are shooting professionally or are just a part time photographer, this tutorial will teach you how to make the best possible headshots of anyone regardless if you are shooting outside with natural light or are inside a small studio with strobes or constant lights.

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