it’s Christophe Choo with Coldwell Banker Previews in Beverly Hills, and I’m driving today through the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles which has become a very hip and happening upcoming area. Back 10, 15 years ago, it was kind of a sleepy neighborhood, but it’s now really become very, very popular.

Over here is the LA County Museum or we call it LACMA, we call it here in LA, and the original Le Brea Tar Pits. Way back millions of years ago, LA was all full of dinosaurs, and saber tooth tigers, and all sorts of animals from that era and it’s a cool place to visit. The museum is terrific, one of the best in the country, and it’s fun to visit the Tar Pits and look at the beginnings of LA many, many years ago, and they are called Tar Pits cause underneath LA there are many oil fields, and tar field.

It’s kind of an interesting side of LA that a lot of people don’t know. So again, this area has really changed quite a bit. Now, I am here on Wilshire Boulevard, I am heading over to Hancock Park. So what’s happened recently in the last 5 or 10 years, there’s a lot of new businesses coming into this area on Wilshire Boulevard, lots of new building being built mixed use, commercial, residential, retail.

It’s become very popular and around this area, we have Carthay Circle, we have the Miracle Mile homes, we have Hancock park to the east, Beverly Hills to the west, and prices for homes in this area are kind of starting nowadays about a million, a million one. Lots of beautiful 1920s, 1930s Spanish style that was very prevalent during that era and there’s a lot of those around this neighborhood, particularly architects like Steinkamp and have wonderful details like [xx], tile fire places, very very pretty Spanish and Mediterranean homes if you like that sytle all surrounding the Miracle Mile area which is basically on Wilshire Boulevard to the north end to the south.

You can see, that’s a newer mixed used apartments, retail, residential, another one there. So it’s really, really changing in this neighborhood and I remember 10, 12 years ago when I used to sell more in this side of town thinking, God this is a really great upcoming neighborhood, and the reality is if you follow Wilshire, go straight to downtown Los Angeles, and pretty much what’s happening is because LA is just growing so much, all the main arteries from downtown, be it Olympic Boulevard, Pico, Wilshire, Third Street, Beverly, they are all seeing in a major resurgence because everybody loves downtown, everybody loves the west side, and it’s the kind of the funnel in between the two neighborhoods.

So it’s become a very, very popular place cause it’s right in the center of town. They have lots of wonderful, old, historic, art deco buildings and it’s really wonderful that a lot of these developers are taking these buildings and restoring them back to the original splendor which is really, really nice.

So, I think I will stop the tour here cause I am almost soon arriving at the Hancock Park area. So hope you enjoyed this little snippet of the Miracle Mile area in Los Angeles. I’m about to his La Brea and we started over by La Cienega Boulevard. So hope you are having a great day, enjoy this little tour of this part of Los Angeles.

See you all soon.