Last Minute

Need some fresh head shots for a huge audition… this week? Or maybe the thought of a birthday photographer had just completely slipped your mind until it was almost too late. Yup, you read that right, almost too late.

Our Last Minute package caters to clients who need an appointment within the next 48 hours. Of course, this is a very slippery slope, Last Minute service is not currently available on all packages, and will be approved on a case by case basis. 

Top Flyt Media has a 48-Hour Cancellation Policy. Retainers for Last Minute appointments are non-refundable, so please be absolutely sure before you book us.

While we may be available for you at the last minute, the studios we primarily use may not be. Our Last Minute service is best catered to a client who has their own shooting location secured.

Our last minute rate is a flat add-on fee of $49.