Code Club

Our Promo Code program is still in its infancy and we are literally growing our Code Club one person at a time, nice and slowly, so as to ensure we have the right people representing our brand. We realize that Pics & Promo Codes may bring us clients, but only phenomenal service will bring them back. This experience often begins with our Code Club Reps, which is why it is vital that anyone handing out our Promo Codes unequivocally understands the culture of distinction we proudly strive to maintain.

Being a boutique media house, we are intentionally small. We realize that it’s often paramount to have a smaller team with the right people, than a large one with the wrong ones. Of course, we do still see tremendous space for growth for our young company within our market. 

This opportunity is best suited for independent contractors who enjoy working in their own time and it also works as great supplemental income for professionals like promoters, event planners, online webmasters, or anyone else who’s occupation already puts them in front of large crowds that like pictures!

If this sounds like you, please say hello in the short form below.  Top Flyt Media respects our Clients’, and potential Clients’, Privacy and we do not tolerate spamming. Our commission-based compensation package will be emailed to all successful submissions. Only available in the Metropolitan Los Angeles area. 

Who are you?