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What is a Vlog?


This seems like a Wikipedia moment:

‘A video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts.’

We thought you’d never ask! In short, just about everything on YouTube, Facebook Live/Watch, or IGTV is technically a vlog.

Though the term has been commonly associated with travel and ‘day-in-the-life’ style videos, a vlog is essentially a video version of a blog.


What is a Super Vlog?


Simply put, a Super Vlog is any vlog that we’ve created, which makes them unequivocally the best in the universe.

Check out some Super Vlogs we’ve helped create for our clients to use on their own platforms below.

Iris Gandarilla Gonzalez

Television Personality Iris Gandarilla Gonzalez Location: UBN Latino Shot & edited by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for

Actress Rawan Mah – Santa Monica Beach Bikini Photo Shoot

Model & Actress Rawan Mah Location: Santa Monica Beach, CA. Shot & edited by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for

Fia Johanssen, Nik Ingersoll & Jason Caceres on The Jenny SuShe Show

Studio head shots and portfolio shots we captured with Persian Psychic Fia Johanssen, Entrepreneur Nik Ingersoll (of Forbes' 30 Under 30) and Actor Jason Caceres (Criminal Minds, It's Not Always Sunny, Sex Sent Me To The ER) on The Jenny SuShe Show. Captured at our...

Doris For LA Style Magazine

Beauty Pageant Queen Doris for LA Style Magazine. Location: FD Photo Studio, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA. Shot & edited by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for

HAPAwards’ Tina Weisinger Studio Portfolio Shoot

HAPAwards CEO & Founder Tina Weisinger's Studio Photoshoot. Photography, lighting and editing by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for

Cynthia & Thane Murphy of Assuaged

Thane & Cynthia Murphy of Assuaged's Professional Head Shot Photoshoot in Redondo Beach.  Styling by Cynthia Murphy & Raquel Sanchez.  Photography & lighting by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for

Emma in Scottsdale, AZ

Emma's Bikini Portfolio Photoshoot at the pool in Scottsdale, AZ.  Photography & lighting by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for

Evelyn ‘Yapheh’ Beamon @ Santa Monica Beach

Hey everybody! It's amazing and beautiful Evelyn 'Yapheh' Beamon captured here during her Bikini Portfolio Shoot at Santa Monica Beach, in Los Angeles, CA. Photography & lighting by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for @yaphehluv

Chloe Warren @ Santa Monica Beach

Model and Actress Chloe Warren @ Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles, CA.  Photography, & lighting by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for

Outdoor Headshots with DJ Drowzzzy Drew @ Urban Lights & Automotive Museum

Drowzzzy Drew is a super dope DJ we met on the set of The Fixxx Audiocast @ Dash Radio in Hollywood. His passion for music was evident from the first time I heard him spinning so when he told me he was ready to get some professional head shots, I could only think of one perfect place to capture them: the corner of Wilshire & Fairfax which is home to the Petersen Automotive Museum, The Urban Lights at LACMA, and also the exact corner where Hip-Hop legend Notorious BIG or Biggie Smalls got shot.

Brands We’ve Vlogged With

A small sample of some of the brands we have produced vlogs for on platforms like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.  

 Let’s Vlog


 Ok, enough showing off. Time for some numbers.

Did you know that one third of all online activity is spent watching video?

Did you realize that a staggering 500 million (half a billion) people are watching video on Facebook everyday (via Forbes)?

YouTube alone has over a billion users, which is almost a third of all internet users (via WordStream) and it accounts for two thirds of all premium video watched by millennials across all devices (via Insivia).

Clearly, vlogging has become the most essential element of any project’s established or emerging online presence.

 If you can do all the video shooting, editing, and audio & light engineering yourself (don’t forget about the audio & lighting), then great! Vlog on!

But if you need help shooting and/or editing your videos, or engineering the lighting audio, maybe Super Vlogs can help!

Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll let you know if we can come to the rescue.

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